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De to Stemmer
Grappa Records, 2004
Karoline´s music written to Norwegian lyricist Andre Bjerke (1918-85). The album was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Award 2005.
Aldri - Karoline Krüger
Jakobmesse I
(composer only)
KKV Records, 2002
Erik HIllestad (lyrics) and Karoline (music) has written four masses  for the Cultural Church of Jakob, in Oslo. Since 2000 they have been performed every Sun evening in the winter season.
Veien til Falstad - Karoline Krüger
Veien til Falstad
(composer only)
pianotheme from TV-documentary,2002
Main theme from documentary about former prison camp Falstad, in Trøndelag, Norway. 
Colombia Records, 1999
The acoustic feel from the previous records is swapped with a more electronic expression. 
Den andre historien
KKV Records, 1996
Karolines second album with then longtime collaborator and arranger Atle Halstensen.
KKV Records, 1993
Karoline´s first album in own writing (and her favourite to this day.) Produced by herself and Atle Halstensen, and guest appearence by Peruvian guitarist Galo Nunes. 
En gang i alles liv
KKV Records, 1991
Inspired by folkmusic both from Norway & overseas, and produced by acclaimed Norwegian roots singer Jonas Fjeld, this album had an percussional and melodious air about it.
Noah Records, 1988
Karoline´s debut album was firmly placed in the pop segment. Produced by "For vår jord"-composer Anita Skorgan. 
You call it love
Carrere Records, 1988
Soundtrack from the french movie "L´etudiante". The song "You call it love" was a major hit in several european countries. 
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