Karoline in "CHESS" at Folketeatret


The musical CHESS has been performed worldwide, with great success. Now the ironcarpet-situated love affair will have its Norwegian premiere,  at the Folketeatret Stage. "Chess" helped define the musical and pop-genre for an entire generation, offering an unprecedented hit parade including "One Night In Bangkok", "I Know Him So Well" and "Anthem"!
Karoline will play the role of Florence, other performers are André Søfteland (The Russian), Marion Ravn, Øystein Røger, Espen Grjotheim (The American) and Elizabeth Andreassen.

Karoline in "Begynnelse" at Den Nationale Scene


The piece "Beginnings" was a huge success in London autumn of 2018. Den Nationale Scene in Bergen will host the Norwegian premiere of David Eldrige´s play, starring Eirik del Barco and Karoline Krüger as the two lonely souls left after the party has gone. It´s a fun and soul-baring antiromance piece for 21th century living. 

"Labyrinter!" album to be released


Karoline & her eager Rythmorchestra has enjoyed great success with her family performance "Labyrinter!", based on Karoline´s music written to children poems by Norwegian lyricist André Bjerke. This spring they have spent time in the studio of acclaimed producer Kato Ådland, and the album will be released in September. 

Sigvart & Karoline on tour


Karoline & Sigvart released their duo album "Jul" ("Christmas") in 2013. Selling 45000 copies, it was the bestselling album of the year. In both 2013 and 2015 they went on tour with the material, and this December they are again gathering their musician friends for another tour, bringing them to concert halls all over the country. Se for info about dates & venues. 

"Labyrinter!" to play at Moldejazz


The children production "Labyrinter!" ("Labyrinths!") will be performed at the Mirror Hall in Molde, 19. of July. The theater concert is based on Karoline´s music written to children poems by Norwegian lyricist André Bjerke. The concert was performed at the YAMsession- festival in November 2016, and received a massive response, resulting in touring plans being scheduled until autumn of 2018. 

Karoline joins Statsteatret


Karoline will join critically acclaimed theater ensemble StatsTeatret ( as actor & composer for their new production in April, 2017. The piece will be titled "1950 - Spionen", and will open at Rogaland Teater.

Karoline in "Spellemann på taket" (Fiddler on the Roof)


Karoline will portray the character of old jewish matchmaker "Yente" in the Den Nationale Scene´s new production of Fiddler on the Roof. "It is quite a different kind of role than I´m normally asked to take on; and this makes the process very exiting", she says. " She is a nosy, old woman; stealing anything of value that she comes across. Self-absorbed, and - therefore - very lonely. The musical being one of my absolute favourite one´s, this a a wonderful way to spend working time." The show opens on Sat. 17. of Sept. 

Excellent reviews for "Tonje Glimmerdal"


Maria Parr´s bestselling book "Tonje Glimmerdal" has been dramatized for the stage, and after the opening night Fri. 4 of Mars the critics are thrilled. "Magical Glimmerdal with tough heroine"  BA states and gives 5 stars. BT writes: "Both traditional and innovative ", and at the same time highlights the music "... some of the most beautiful moments are are the musical ones." Karoline has written the musical score for the production. 

"Seance" in concert


For several years Sigvart Dagsland, Karoline Krüger & lyricist Mike McGurk have been working with Veslemøy and Harald Zwart (story) on a new musical: "Seance". It is based on the true Norwegian story from the 30-ties; of medium Ingeborg Køber, who was accused of killing her father, after having predicted his death in a seance. At Bergen International Festival June 01., the music will be performed for the very first time. Buy tickets!

Karoline will write music for new production at Den Nationale Scene


Maria Parr´s bestselling book "Tonje Glimmerdal" will find it´s way to the stage at Den Nationale Scene, opening Mars 04 2016. Karoline Krüger will write the musical score for the play.

Karoline & Sigvart reunite for sold-out tour in December


Karoline Krüger & Sigvart Dagsland released their first duo-album in Dec 2013. The album sold over 45000 copies, making it the bestselling CD in Norway  that year. The same year they did a concert-tour in some of Norways biggest venues, selling out all of the houses. This December they are repeating the success, bringing with them an orchestra of seven, fronted by Karoline´s longtime companion cellist Eline Sundal and guitarist Hans Mathiesen.

Fables for an open Church


The album "Fables for an open Church", a collection of songs from some of Norways finest singers and songwriters, will be released early September by record company KKV  . It is made as a statement regarding the election which will take place later in Sept. For many years, the church´s view on gay marriage has been the most prominent and debated amongst them. The album is a musical statement and support for the liberal forces within the church. Karoline will sing "Credo", a piece from Hillestad/her compositary work "Mass of Jacob". 

Karoline Krüger to join the board of NOPA


Karoline Krüger has joined the board of NOPA (Norwegian union for composers & lyricists). Karoline was on June 02 elected a Member of the Board for a two year period. She is looking forward to making an effort for the Norwegian repertoire, and to work to improve conditions for Norwegian composers and lyricists. 

"Hellemyrsfolket" to reopen in November


The musical "Hellemyrsfolket" , written by Julian Berntzen (music) and Gunnar Staalesen (lyrics) and based on Amalie Skram´s epic novels, opened on Sept 13 2014, and played three months of sold-out performances. "A new musical of international format" (BT) and " Epic Misery" (Aftenposten) were some of the characterizations from leading Norwegian newspapers. Karoline played the part of Lydia Munthe. The musical will reopen at Bergen National Theatre in October, playing for three months.

Karoline Krüger & Sigvart Dagsland receive the Johan Nordahl Brun-award


Karoline Krüger & Sigvart Dagsland was awarded the "Johan Nordahl Brun"-prize, for their accievements, separately and together,  in bringing new expressions to and expanding the concept of ecclesiastical music. Karoline was given the award for her music to "Mass of Jacob", a mass written to Concert Church of Jakob, in Oslo.  The first "Mass of Jacob" was written in 2000, since then the mass has been performed every Sunday during winter season. By now four masses have been written, by Karoline and acclaimed lyricist Erik Hillestad, and many of them have been performed regularly in several Scandinavian cities. 

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