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Challenging times! Over a year into corona mode, it feels like I have forgotten what it is like to be in the thrilling energy moment of stage meeting audience. Miss it! Being fully aware about (and thankful for) the resources with which our part of the world has been able to meet the ongoing pandemic; it still is hard to cope with this new paradigm of isolation and sosial distancing. So we learn by missing; we are meant to be together!

As soon as our white warriors - the vaccines - pave the way; we will return to the stage at Folketeatret in Oslo. Hopefully! it will be with the wonderful and soldout-production of"Chess" - which yet actually has to  be performed for a substantial amount of audience, as cover-19 kicked in right after opening night. If not, hopefully it will be put on again later. Anyway, in June we start rehearsing for "Mamma Mia!", which opens in August. After this time we've had: It will be just wonderful to stretch arms into the air and at the top of my voice sing "Dancing Queen!". 

Bergen, March 21


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