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It has been two wonderful, inspiring - and literally breathtaking - working years. With Mamma Mia! breaking every sales record, and Chess - this loveproject for all us involved - being so well received by audiences and critics. Having performed this craft for some decades, I know how to appreciate it all. It should never be taken for granted; the possibility to work in inspiring -  and equally challenging and friendly -  workspaces with all the virtuous people of this art. The fellow actors, the directors, the light engineers, costume and the list goes on. Collaborating and working so hard to build this construction of storytelling, and then blow life into it. As the actor you end up in the vunerable and privileged position of face-to-face-encounters with audiences, night after night. Striving to bring the story to life, again and again. And hoping to set the room in motion. Every night, now taking the bows on "En Natt forbi" in Bergen, sold-out musical built around legendary Norwegian songwriter Jan Eggum´s wonderful catalogue, I whisper a little "thank you" from my heart. Such a joy.  

Hope you enjoy rich days

- in the widest possible sense of the word

All the best, 

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